Dot Studio put together a comprehensive branding package that included a flyer, a logo and a stylish website for Yaseen Youth Tours. This package was part of a full brand launch for the newly created initiative which focuses on services for the Youth. Yaseen Youth Tours trusted us to pioneer the branding for their newly launched agency right down to the minute details and were extremely happy with the results.

Yaseen Youth Tours Branding


Client Specification

Yaseen Youth Tours approached us to facilitate the launch of their brand new company. They wanted a logo and website that would appropriately reflect their business and convey their mission aims.

Client Info

Yasin Tours is a new initiative that believes in the importance of investing and working closely with the youth.

Our wishes is to create productive young Muslims who lead themselves and others to become visionary and effective people.

Our aims:

1) Create a strong network of friendship for young Muslims.

2) Instil confidence in their Muslim identity.

3) Influence upright values, morals and etiquettes.

4) Inspire creativity, innovation and productivity.

5) Provide enjoyable and spiritual programmes.

Change the youth…. change the world!

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  • Entire branding package
  • Website, logo and flyer
  • Stylish modern website
  • Professional branding

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