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Dot Studio designed a state of the art e-commerce website for Rashidoon. The website is a advanced e-learning portal which allows students to sign up and pay for courses, track their progress, taken online examinations, recieve updates, interact with teachers in addition to many other features.

Rashidoon Website


Client Specification

Rashidoon approached us and requested a website for their online learning model. They requested a website which would be easy for both teachers and students and allow the world to benefit from their courses

Client Info

Rashidoon aims at helping every Muslim live true to Allah, authentic to his/her true self and relevant to world.

We believe there is intention behind everything in the world; it is a purposeful universe and we are meant to be in tune with it. Islam is not a system of rigid instructions that are out of place and time as the bahaviour or many Muslims seems to suggest, rather it is a dynamic system and way of life that captures the essence of human nature and the reality of existence. The world as it is today is intended to be as it is for a purpose, and we were intended to live in it too. Seeing ourselves out of place and out of time, even if acknowledged only tacitly, is a sure way to relate poorly to Islam and the to the world.

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  • e-commerce website
  • e-learning portal
  • Mobile responsive website
  • State of the art feautures

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