The Dot Studio designed a fantastic stylish e-commerce website for Purely Honey – a family-run honey business. The website is a fully functional e-commerce website which allows customers to purchase honey and other related products directly from the e-Shop. The website also has a customised, fully integrated blog to research and find upto date offers and information on the benefits and virtues of honey.

Purely Honey Website


Client Specification

Purely Honey had an already existing website but it was taking payments manually via email correspondence. The Purely Honey family wanted to automate this process and requested The Dot Studio to create a website that would allow their customers to buy their honey from them directly via the website with the website handling all payment, receipt information and delivery details.

Client Info

We are a family run venture – we bring the honey directly from Yemen. Abu Asim is who we deal with, and they have been doing this for generations.

Our Honey is ORGANIC – (farming methods, produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals). We do not have any certification, as it is very difficult to attain in Yemen.

We sell to anyone who likes honey and appreciates the purity of our product. You have to simply taste it and masha’Allah you will not want to go back to the types found on supermarket shelves.

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  • e-Commerce website
  • Integrated blog
  • Mobile responsive website
  • SEO friendly

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