The Dot Studio designed a brilliant mobile responsive e-learning website for Maysoor Arabic – a online based Arabic institute. The website is portal to the e-learning website which allows students to enroll in their online institute and learn the language of the Quran. The website also has a customised, fully integrated blog to keep up with the latest posts by the founder of Maysoor.

Maysoor Arabic Website


Client Specification

Maysoor Arabic had an already existing website but they wanted an updated version that was mobile responsive. Maysoor Arabic wanted a website that was similar to their e-learning platform so customers did not feel confused when they were logging into the portal .

Client Info

Here at Maysoor, we are committed to ensuring that you get the very best in high quality, educational yet fun and engaging Arabic lessons. We have made this our obligation! ‘Our videos are easy to understand and no matter what your level is in your Arabic language journey, you’re bound to enjoy and benefit from them inshaAllaah. We believe that not only do you deserve to learn Arabic, but it should be presented in such a way that is easy to digest, fun to complete and ultimately lead you on a unique spiritual journey connecting you with the words of Allah.

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  • e-Learning website
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile responsive website
  • SEO friendly

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