Islamic Network

Dot Studio created an entirely new front cover design of the IslamicNetwork Magazine which is distributed to over 100,000 people.

Islamic Network Quarterly Magazine

Client Specification

Islamic Network requested that their current magazine design is given a facelift and new direction. They requested that this particular issue had a Quran theme and one that would attract people to return back to the Quran

Client Info

Islamic Network
Islamic Network is a da’wah organisation which aims to promote awareness and understanding of the religion of Islam.

We do this by organising activities such as lectures, seminars and courses. We have a website providing Islamic articles, audio and visual lectures, and recitation of the Qur’an. We also aim to produce high quality Islamic media products such as DVDs of our events as well as broadcast quality material that can be shown on various television channels.

We aim within the framework of Ahl Al-sunnah wal Jama’ah, following the way of the early Muslim scholars.

Islamic Network is a non-profit organisation and is managed mainly by volunteers. It raises its funds through appeals and donations from the public.

We are a UK Registered Charity (Number 1101603).

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